Tsunami helicopter footage

I think most of us assumed, hearing of an earthquake in Japan, that the effects would be limited – first world countries always seem to get off lightly in cases like this, due to better construction and emergency services. But as time has shown, this was no ordinary earthquake, and the followup Tsunami has really devastated the Japanese countryside. There’s a whole town, Minami Sanriku where over half the population, more than 10.000 people are unaccounted for. Seeing the water flow over the houses in the footage above, it’s not hard to imagine how.

Here’s another video of the flooding, taken from street level

Footage of the devastation at Minami Sanriku

If you wish to help you can text the American red cross sending REDCROSS to 90999 to give a 10$ donation.

When donating beware to check the recipients as scammers often like to take the chance in times like these to present themselves as charitable institutions and steal donations.