Crimebustin’ grandma

A broad daylight robbery in Northampton, 6 bikers armed with sledgehammers were busting their way into a jewelry shop, until a 75 year old grandmother appears and beats them with her handbag and runs them off. Best of all, someone captured the whole thing live as it was happening.

One of the perps was captured on the spot by bystanders and that lead to the arrest of the others.

Came across her exploits reading an interview with that other Northampton notable, Alan Moore, who pitched in with a reward hamper for the vigilante gran.

3 thoughts on “Crimebustin’ grandma”

  1. Ahh. I remember reading about this, but I never bothered looking at the video because it was on a newspaper site where they always put some lame commercial before the content. I figured someone would link it sooner or later, but when they did, that video was taken down or something.

    And man, that was some lame sledgehammering. Sounded like he was knocking on the window hoping to be let inside. And wasn’t the shop open? Did they just figure that they had better smash the windows and grab what they could so that they wouldn’t risk getting trapped behind the iron curtain?

  2. They’re obviously not criminal masterminds, but I think there may be method to their madness considering the UK laws are heavily against personal damage & threatening behaviour, not so concerned about property damage, so the liability for waving a sledgehammer in someone’s face is probably a lot higher than for hitting a window.

    In fact Mrs. Timson would probably be technically in more legal trouble than they as she attacked them directly. In her defense, she later states in an interview she intervened because she misinterpreted the situation, she thought they were beating up some kid, so she didn’t rush in there in defense of private property, rather because she thought a fellow human being was in danger.

  3. Well, I didn’t mean that they should’ve used the sledgehammer on a person, just that they could’ve swung it with a bit more gusto and appropriate technique when trying to break the window. And yeah, assaulting criminals is a crime here too. You’re only allowed to use violence to protect yourself or someone else. Which is why no one else interfered, I suppose. Kind of silly, but them’s the rules. Apparently.

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