Bearded dragon plays with Ipad

There’s plenty of videos of cats playing with these things, this is a variation on the theme. Do these critters play, like mammals do, or is it just responding to a stimulus? I imagine the experience is mostly frustrating for the critter, but then again, same goes for a cat trying to catch a laser pointer.

Amazon doesn’t sell ipads, apparently. Wanna grab a kindle fire? It’s cheaper…

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3 thoughts on “Bearded dragon plays with Ipad”

  1. I only saw the one with the frog, and it bit the finger of the person resetting the game. And yeah, I’m pretty sure that the lizard is reacting to stimuli rather than knowingly playing a game. Simple lizard-brains. Though cats do play, even without games around, so I’m thinking that playing a game wouldn’t be as frustrating for them. Then again, perhaps a ‘simple lizard-brain’ doesn’t get frustrated either?

  2. It takes more than a video to change my mind. I have never seen a video of a lizard playing with another lizard. And when I was a little kid, I was clawing at images of toy cars in a toy magazine, thinking that I should be able to take them out of the magazine and play with them. (Or so my mother says, and given the other silly ideas I had as a kid, that seems perfectly reasonable to me.) This leads me to think that the lizard was trying the same thing.

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