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The Birds

Today is Kristian Nyg√•rd’s birthday, and he claimed that the best gift would be to spread the word of his comic Optipess. So I figured I might as well do so by cutting up one of his pantomime strips and turning it into a square. I feel that it’s pretty representative of his work, and it features the ‘glasses guy’ who is sort of the main character. But I should also link to what I believe is Kristian’s most prominent work.

A series on the tubes

I just found this short series of videos about Jerry and his life of horrors. I guess it was ‘acclaimed’ or something back in 2007. Funny and disturbing stories at any rate. I never knew. Maybe if I took the time to check out Newgroundz every once in a while, but time is limited, and the internet is vast.

Underwood and Flinch

U&F Podcast to Print from Mike Bennett on Vimeo.

I was planning to link to Mike Bennett’s excellent podcast novels a long time ago, but apparently I never got around to it. I think I was looking for a video that was mentioned in one podcast, but then I never found it. Or something. But now he’s running an Indiegogo fund raiser to print his latest novel, Underwood and Flinch. It’s an unorthodox vampire novel about a rather orthodox vampire. And his other stories are quite good too. Or bloody great, if I am to be completely honest. And his reading of them is excellent. Top quality. Definitely something you should consider listening to if you have ears.