Samsung TV only $40k!

What a steal! Free shipping!

(Check the FAQ and user reviews, it’s comedy gold)

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Junk Head 1

A wonderful 30 minute long short film by Takahide Hori, made alone by the director during a period of 4 years.

He’s currently running an indiegogo campaign to fund the second part of the story.

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Astronauts in trouble

Houston we have a problem…

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Mid air collision – everyone survives!

2 planes carrying a full load of parachute jumpers about to try a coordinated stunt collided in mid air. Fortunately everyone landed safely and some minor injuries aside, everyone was unhurt. And they got some amazing action movie like footage out of the ordeal too.

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Jesus 2000

France does it again!

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This animation is impressive not so much because of what it is (You could do this on a mobile phone nowadays, almost) but because of it’s age: 1974, Utah university was obviously way ahead of the curve in 3d animation and motion graphics. I shudder to think how long this took to render on the computers they had.

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3d flythrough through 17th century London

Six students from De Montfort University won the Off The Map challenge, sponsored by Crytek using the company’s Cryengine, by using maps of seventeenth century London to make a 3D recreation.

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3d animation tutorial

The real secrets of 3d animation!

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Ground control to Major Tom

Astronaut Chrish Hatfield sings the David Bowie song Space Oddity from the International Space Station

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Little Witch academia

Little Witch academia is basically anime Harry Potter without boys, so in other words 100% improvement :)

This anime pilot may become a full series if enough people show an interest, so spread the word if you like it! This is an official posted video on the creator’s youtube channel, so be sure to link to this version if you do!

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